Hello and Welcome!

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Hello and Welcome to my blog!

Are you interested in electronics, especially embedded? Are you interested in robotics? And are you interested in automation? If yes, then you have come to the right place! And if no, still then you are most welcome to view and comment on my blog!

Well, something about me… I am a 3rd year B.Tech student studying in VIT University, Vellore, India in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering (commonly known as ECE). I have been involved in the field of robotics for the past two years. In these two years, I have gained some experience, learned a lot and experimented with a few things. And I love to teach others. All this compelled me to open up a blog where I could share my experiences and learning with those whose answer was ‘yes’ to the question I asked in the beginning.

Okay, so before you continue to read my blog, let me tell you the areas in which I am presently involved in.

People who are confused regarding microcontrollers, how to start, where to start, and most importantly, why to start, will be the ones who will benefit the most. Apart from that, I am also involved in programming in LabVIEW (www.ni.com/labview).

Image Processing is another area of interest and I will also be posting few articles related to that from time to time.

So, I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Do comment if you read any of my posts, I’ll be waiting for them!

Happy learning!

Mayank Prasad


8 responses to “Hello and Welcome!

  1. Hey Dude…..Thanks Alot For Giving Such A Good Knowledge About Robotics And I Just started To Read And Found Very Intreting…..!!!!Keep Exploring More Dude…!!

  2. i am an absolute newbie to robotics, but want to have fun building some cool robots. i want to know, to get started, what tools do i need, and how much will they cost(initially)? didn’t search the rest of your site though, sorry 😛

    • Hi Sohhom,
      It depends upon which kind of ‘cool’ robot you want to make. If you could give me some more info, I would be able to help you out.

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