The All New maxEmbedded

Dear readers, please note that this is the old website of maxEmbedded. The articles are now no longer supported, updated and maintained. Please visit the new website here and search for this post. Alternatively, you can remove .wordpress from the address bar to reach the new location.

Example: If the website address is, then removing .wordpress from it will become

We apologize for the inconvenience. We just want to give you a better viewing and learning experience! Thanks!

Well, unless you are a first time visitor to maxEmbedded, you must have realized it by now that maxEmbedded has undergone a change of skin! Yes, its the same old maxEmbedded in a totally new avatar!

All the old posts are retained and can be found at the same places and if you have bookmarked them, the same links would work. I have chosen this magazine theme for maxEmbedded because it will not only be easier for me to handle and organize all the posts, but you will also find it easy to browse through my blog and read it. Unlike a dark theme which I had previously, I chose a light theme (well, this one is almost white), so that it becomes easier for people to read the long tutorials which I usually post.

I have also chosen new fonts for the headings and the posts to make it look more more serene. maxEmbedded also comes with a completely new header and logo, and with a new tag line “a guide to robotics, embedded electronics and computer vision”.

The sole purpose of this post is to ensure that the readers are not baffled by this sudden change and feel at home with this. Yes, this is the real and the only maxEmbedded on the web! 🙂

If you have any thoughts regarding this theme change which you would like to share, then kindly comment below! 🙂

Mayank Prasad


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