Robotic Arm

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This post, written by two members of roboVITics, gives an insight into Robotic Arm, its types, examples and applications.


Well, you would have come across a robotic arm in cartoons like Dexter’s laboratory and maybe in some nat-geo and discovery videos. You can find these kinds of machines mainly in automobile industries and other heavy machinery industries.

What is it??

It’s basically electro-mechanical arm which is usually programmable and has functions very similar to that of a human arm. It could be part of another mechanism or it could also be autonomous and exist individually. They are mainly composed of motors and joints allowing freedom of rotation. The arm has a lot of joints or links which can be considered to form a kinematic chain.

Kinematic chain

So what is a kinematic chain? Let me give the definition : “Kinematic chain refers to an assembly of rigid bodies connected by joints that is the mathematical model for a mechanical system”. So in the arm there lots of…

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